Finding Your Creative Voice with the Sol 45

Will Lensbaby work for you? Need help finding your creative voice? Are you looking for a creative spark? Learn to see things differently, shoot intentionally and let go of any fears. Red below to see where Lensbaby takes you!


When I was first considering investing in a Lensbaby I sat on the edge for so long wondering if it would work for me. I adored the images I saw tagged #Lensbaby with that gorgeous intentional blur...yet for some reason I still hesitated. Would the blur suit my style? Would I be able to effectively utilize the manual focus to produce the effects I wanted?

Fast forward to today and I am so thankful I took the leap and purchased my first Lensbaby - the Sol 45.


Once I became comfortable with using the Sol 45, I truly found my voice as an artist. Before it, I was happy with my images and process as an artist but there was something lacking even though I hadn’t realized it at the time.


A creative spark lit within and I’ve since been inspired in so many different ways. Nowadays, It’s rare to reach for a regular lens for my personal work as the Sol 45 helps me tell my story in a richer and dreamier way.

I see differently now. I have a clearer sense of what I want to capture even though the lines become more blurred when you use a manual lens like Lensbaby. It’s that exact open-endedness that I love to work within. My imagery has a new freedom which moves away from traditional rules all the while embracing that gorgeous intentional blur.


I also have grown so fond of manual focusing. Slowing down has helped me become more intentional with my work with a clearer sense of the moments I want to capture. Realizing I’ve achieved my desired focus is incredibly rewarding. Currently, I love capturing movement which the Sol 45 does incredibly well all whilst surrounding the subject in beautiful blur and stunning bokeh.


Those fears I originally held on to have disappeared for good. Does the blur suit my style? Absolutely. Would I be able to manual focus? Yes! It takes time and effort but the results are worth it. Would I be able to achieve that blur? Yes! Over time, I have learned to use the blur in creative ways to better tell my story and bring attention to my subject.


Lensbaby lenses are a fantastic way to get out of a creative rut, find your creative voice as an artist, recharge your passion or simply challenge yourself to learn something completely new. If you're looking for something new, I urge you to take the shot and see where the lenses lead you.

As always, If you have any questions about Lensbaby lenses please don't hesitate to reach out.

Hollie Jeakins

Lensbaby Ambassador


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